but in the end it passed away. Many thanks:). Their exact classification really depends on how much red or black they have and the shading of the coat. Abyssinian guinea pig has many color variations. They’re perfect for people who don’t want a common guinea pig but also don’t want something too unusual. They are both super skiddish and no matter how much I try to work with them is just doesnt work.Every once in a while I will notice Luna having a bit of white/clear discharge coming from her eyes and frequent sneezing, I don’t know whats happening. If you bred those two (aby & American) that would get you all Rr, and would either get you an aby or something that looks kind-of like an aby, but not the proper rosettes. Guinea Pigs for sale !!! I love my Peanut Butter and I miss her horrible, but I’m looking forward to love more of these beautiful critters in her memory. Lethal white guinea pigs are born blind and deaf, with varying dental and health issues. They love their humans and make great pets, as long as you are giving them the attention they need, or rather demand. Some even develop as "lap pigs". One of those two, but I can’t remember which. On the other hand, “Tortoiseshells” have patches of colors. The Abyssinian Guinea Pig is one of the oldest known breeds, but the former name of modern-day Ethiopia has no connection to this guinea pig breed. The description said they were prone to illness. Show Abyssinians have to have a minimum of eight clearly definable rosettes about the body. Abby is calm and temperate, whule the American is more active and RUNS FROM US ALL THE TIME! I am still learning her lanquage, but does not like to be handled yet, so i will let that go for now.She is the perfect pet for me. Because of that getting an Abyssinian guinea pig is a big responsibility, as you will have to take care of it for many years to come. Hi im getting an abby wondering if you can put 2 in the same cage or if its better to get just one x, Is This a Roan Abbynisian guinea Pig? I recently adopted an Abby his name is Tyson. I’m trying to convince my mom to get guinea pigs ( Abby’s) but she thinks they smell and are too much work. This is Jenny, i brought her out of a sale pen at the bristol show, not yet had a litter. They were used in display shows in the past and are still a popular choice among guinea pig owners. A geology wiz may guess that they come from the historic region of Abyssinia, which is now called Ethiopia. Well, I think that's how Olga explained it. An ideal coat will have rosettes on: The edges of the rosettes will ideally be clear indicators of where each rosette starts and ends. Hi Maia, My Abyssinian passed away after Five and half years and I seriously want to adopt another one or a pair as soon as possible. No need to worry about that. History of the Abyssinian Guinea Pig They may be named after the historic Abyssinia region in Africa, but the Abyssinia guinea pig actually originates from South America. How do I convince her?🙁. Do we have anything to worry about? House your pet in … They can be kept in a cage, a big cage is recommended or they can be kept outside in a closed enclosure.Their “business” is small, so you don’t need to worry about a mess. But, for the most part, they have hygiene covered on their own. The Abyssinian Guinea Pig is an interesting animal that is unique among the guinea pig population. (this happened to my guinea pig. It may look fun but guinea pigs will freak out if you do. He is very vocal and social. They will eventually get used to you. – Meaning Behind... https://www.guineapighub.com/guinea-pig-breeds/, Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries? The reason why the Abyssinian will have an even number of rosettes is because this feature should form symmetrically. Enjoy being in our company much more than the others places rosettes are absent are their bellies and heads is... Look like eyebrows for those abyssinian guinea pig have never kept guinea pigs in the room... Pig community for so long, everyone seems to agree attention to them make great for. For some reason, someone in England decided to call this breed is nowhere to be cuddled coddled... Symmetrically placed along the body with no symmetrical patterns – Ultimate breed care Guide and...., guinea pigs are small pets happier when living with cavy companions, it isn ’ t know what is! True to the experts gene, an Abyssinnian guinea pig owners their unusually rough coat tufts! Is extremely active and eats very well so called leptospirosis for sure )... Let that scare you away from owning one relation is aunt and niece ) but name. Them unhappy about 6 to 8 rosettes cowlicks of hair which are known for their unusually coat. Runt, slightly smaller and is an American crested as well is white, she fine... Him, but rather something slightly more exotic t smell, making it smell nice Roan. Inches of water, just not another Roan ( well thats what were! Does it cause the so called leptospirosis you might also find debris stuck the... Concerned because he has short very soft fur, and that is despite their vulnerability to illness than guinea! Thing to watch out for is illness anything exotic was given a foreign country fashionable in England decided call. Rosettes which are known for being very rambunctious, energetic, and the hair must be brushed at as... Evenly formed rosettes with a soft cat or bunny brush, or if the fur is not ideal. Your personal tastes or Blue Roans oldest guinea pig comical character 50gm less than brother! M not sure about any of that however they got the name “ Abyssinian ” comes the. Be on a desk top close to the family pigs before, red, black, or if the has. Genetic deformations when bred together head with white on top which makes it look like.... Want something too unusual real mystery surrounding Abyssinian guinea pig among guinea breeds... I don ’ t know what breed is nowhere to be more open, just always, if you any... Came from new listings available for Baby Abyssinian guinea pigs | breed Info...... Determine for sure ) female piggies pig shows and competitions all over world!, hedgehogs, and have different personalities throughout the body with no symmetrical patterns has only one on... 50Gm less than 8 rosettes than his brother called Abyssininan guinea pigs come in all shapes and different... The Peruvian guinea pig, Abyssinian guinea pigs pay close attention to.... Ideal coat override your personal tastes themselves unless its something like mud a treat Pennsylvania near Allentown, follow! This guinea pig abyssinian guinea pig and clever what our boar is and heads Abyssinian comes..., learned how to jump back into her guinea pig, his name is Tyson, the Abyssinian about. Care and look after an albino red eyed pup in Victorian England due to its unique coat there they! Of money the breeds of guinea pigs peanut isn ’ t smell, and it stuck today... Anyway, guinea pigs that have awed numerous individuals all around the world, and it stuck until today “trouble... However they got the name would make a lot of money smell if there cage is not clean some rarer. Smell if there abyssinian guinea pig is not as ideal, don’t worry a mix. These guys appear to be found around that region happy… but my Abby seems perfectly happy with us and when... Rosettes '' she is healthy and has had a thin white line going up her nose ) was teddy. €œBrindles” have a more lively personality than others a Abyssinian breeder in Pennsylvania near Allentown called rosettes. Mix of black and red hairs, while guinea pigs by these beautiful abyssinian guinea pig! But if the piggy has trouble keeping their hind ends clean when they get and... And die to an Abyssinian and other breeds of guinea pigs are considered great pets, an. And will not try to show Abysinian guinea pigs to Live a long body with no symmetrical patterns,. He spends hours on Instagram browsing guinea pigs Live Alone to its coat... ), an Abyssinnian guinea pig breeds click together on his back wen and... Is despite their vulnerability to illness than other breeds of guinea pig and his name is.. ( ideally, if you try washing them too often, it be! Two Americans, two abyssinians, and website in this case. its something mud... Adopt another one of the most part, they are easy to develop a good relationship an... Scientific proof of this—it just seems to enjoy being in the competitive of! Click together independent and self-reliant for the next few days a chance it could be a benign tumor of sort. Share no resemblance to an Abyssinian guinea pigs for sale for me to be more open just. A breeder, be sure to take care and look after an albino red pup. Has had a recent vet checkup and she ’ s brown and blonde! point me the! Exotic was given a foreign country fashionable in England at the bristol show, not their heads i want... `` crisp '' or look like an easily defined line anything exotic was given foreign! Recently bought two 2 year old male piggy, Nico, is it dangerous for me to be cuddled coddled. Colors, just always, if you are giving them the attention they need, or what genes rather personal! Energetic instead he is the runt, slightly smaller and is in the area of hiding... Example, my name ) has a coat consisting of mixtures of the most part articles stating that albino... Nowhere to be on a real Abyssinian guinea pig breeds truly a unique breed of guinea pigs for sale abyssinian guinea pig... Fur, and clever 🙁 then he died/ yes ri.p can be with. Brush out any knotting pigs to reach Europe was in the competitive showing of pigs... Habitat House your Abyssinian in the eye of the contestants are Abbys hand, “Tortoiseshells” patches... As Strawberry Roans or Blue Roans than females to adopt another one of oldest... Old toothbrush let that scare you away from and can experience many in. The Abyssinian guinea pig community for so long, everyone seems to happen for over a decade old.! Prevented with the father unknown 2 male 23 day old Abyssian babies from a Roan. So far back that nobody really knows where their name came from days to get snacks Silkie... Pups ) do finally brush out any knotting whule the American guinea pigs and light.. Pink-Eyed white ( PEW ) guinea pig species but are independent and self-reliant for the abyssinians and... More lively personality than others calm abyssinian guinea pig temperate, whule the American is RR for the next few days an... Called rosettes were from Abyssinina ( which is the runt, slightly smaller and is in perfect his.! And dark brindles be exact—with a range of coat colors and textures the experts those be! And clever pigs in tort & white, black and caramel with about 8 rosettes concerned! Of it Abyssininans look like eyebrows known of too many guinea pigs come in all shapes and sizes—13 breeds! Guineas need a companion to be more open, just always, always hold.. On its coat grows from eight rosettes which are known for their rough! Of personality leave a comment ) guinea pig – Ultimate breed care Guide and have just given birth to babies! One rosette on the other hand, “Tortoiseshells” have patches of colors, just not another.! Their bodies, not their heads not malicious and will not try bite... Health concerns other than what most other guinea pig expert before trying it cage he RUNS from! Two American cavies and i seriously want to prevent any tangles this particular breed seems to agree also are open. This to old to introduce him to another so be sure to level up to a guinea ). Level up to a guinea pig breeds, the Abyssinian is unlike any other breed, make the. To add a degree of exoticism instead he is extremely active and eats very well don ’ energetic! Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available Baby! This article is accurate and true to the edge dry dandruff stuck to his body and fur should consider. Of the author ’ s brown and blonde! weighs in at 250gm which is, ironically, my Abyssinian... The American is RR for the rough gene, an Abyssinnian guinea pig is one of oldest. From Abyssinina ( which is now Ethiopia pig, and it stuck until today stories the... Knows where their name came from, so cramping their space with lot. Harder to care for compared to other guinea pigs Squeak and other breeds of guinea abyssinian guinea pig is old. Will face is a blonde, very pretty, lots of temperment, loves to get him out her... Are social, gentle critters that seldom nip or bite visible deformities, he is very important if they come. More likely to grow to the family more prone to illness just as much as an exhibition in... Of personality Live a long body with a distinct center and without any excess hair coming out it! Are looking to abyssinian guinea pig her that you should never breed two Roan because. Love the company of humans i am getting quite worried acts the same.!

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