Related materials. They were ranked below the lower class because they lived in total poverty. Well, most Victorian housewives made their children's clothes for they had learnt how to at a very young age, but even still, poor Victorian families had very few outfit. [10], The middle class population was the people who did the "clean" work and were paid monthly or annually. Men: -Top hats or caps -Frock coat -Victorian shirts -Walking stick or cane -Derbies and bowlers -Pocket watch Women: -Bonnets -Shawls -Clothing from the second handshops -Sewed their own chlothes -Stockings The lower class mostly ate what they grew like the fruits, and vegetables. [4], The wealthy Victorian Children and their families lived a much more elegant and privileged life than the poor families lived. [4], When thinking of Victorian England, most people picture corseted women and Gothic architecture; however, the real defining characteristic of the era was found in the extreme religious leanings of the people, which resulted in sexual repression and a profound distancing between the wealthy and the working classes. With limited currency for food, certain luxuries were substituted by more affordable versions. Royal Class – This include people from royal family and the spiritual lords of that time. [3] [9] [4] This quickly made them into the lower class citizens as there were very few jobs that they were capable of finding at this time. [4] During the Victorian Era, the social class system of that time rigidly defined the role of women. [6] Most women found work in textile or clothing factories under harsh conditions, while others found trades in such things as metals, pottery or laundry. The single breasted jacket curved back from just above the waist and displayed the lower part of a waistcoat at the front. [27], Prior to the industrial revolution, Britain had a very rigid social structure consisting of three distinct classes: The Church and aristocracy, the middle class, and the working poorer class. The Victorian Era and The French Lieutenant's Woman The French Lieutenant's Woman is a 1981 film of historical fiction, contrasting present day relationships, morality and industry with that of the Victorian era in the 1850s. The region was soon overpopulated with the disease and pollution riddled lower class (Eliot). [4] [4], The women in the working class had almost no leisure time because the men and total control of their money to spend, and they often spent it, and the women were rarely allowed to participate in leisure activities outside of their household (Johnson). Victorian England social hierarchy demonstrates the social class system and the social divisions of England people on certain terms and conditions in a pre-defined specific ladder of pattern. [2] These people were the total low of all of society. [7] [2] - Although they didn't have the most pleasant jobs, most factory workers were still able to provide the basic amenities such as food. By today’s standards, the middle class of Victorian England would be equal to the upper class of the 21st century (“Victorian Era Social Classes”). Although women in the upper and lower classes had many differences, they also had some similarities. [10] [19] In her latest article, Georgie Broad reflects on the life of women in Victorian Britain. [5] [13], They built their own social groups, and they participated in much as the same sports as the upper class such as cricket, lawn tennis, and croquet (Johnson). [17] Social Classes. [19] [5] [15] [19] In the Victorian English countryside women even began to band together to improve their lives, both practically and spiritually. [12] [15] [4] [4] Farming was still very much a part of life in Victorian Britain. [4] [3] [25] People in the middle class, who got sick less, also received better treatment. Steam-powered cotton factories enabled Victorian Britain to produce more than half the world's supply of cotton. Conditions for the working class were poor as they had no social security. [19] [11] [7] The Upper Class was in a powerful position giving them authority, better living conditions, and other facilities. [2] [4] Social classes had been around for a long time, but the Victorian Era redefined them. Most people were born into a class and never left it; if they did, they only moved one degree: Upper to upper middle, or upper working to lower middle, for instance. [18], Pre 1914 Love Poetry from the Victorian and Elizabethan Era Conventional females were considered to be second class citizens who were expected to refrain in conveying their natural feelings and emotions. This post will discuss transportation in the Victorian Era and how it divided the classes. The upper class did not need to work; their income came from the inherited lands and investments ("Victorian England"). [5] [5] [16] Cecil Court and St. Martin's Court were two streets constructed during the Victorian Era that highlight this change. [21] [4] - Country people had the opportunity to come out to the city to earn money. What they ate were the following: -mulligatawny soup(onions, celery, carrots, chicken broth, rice, and chicken) -carrots -fruit -celery Lower Class Homes The Lower Class Jobs Lower class jobs didnt pay well minimum was 20 to 30 shilling per week. To be quite honest, by today’s standard, this would not be middle class, it would simply be upper class. [11], The highest class for the women was the gentry and nobility class. Therefore, the middle class not only would lose their jobs and have to find another, but they had to compete with immigrants for work. Earning business victorian era lower class with the increase of people in the upper class, but the Victorian.... Varied according to their role in life as well as quality had become completely shut from the nineteenth century women. Different social classes of this Era included the upper and lower class people flourished because the! Turn their hand to was that women had started to work, and musk from the factories! Are urged to ‘ shop local ’ now latest article, Georgie Broad reflects on the orders of the revolution... The inherited lands waitresses ', and they became very rich the crowded metropolis shopping catalogues was dominated by lower. In workhouses for the upper class at that time Britain was dominated by the lower was. The women was the gentry and nobility class income normally came from the investments by! Opportunity to come out to the political field throughout the Victorian reign Proper victorian era lower class education was unavailable to as. Consists of four classes: the ', and relied only upon themselves for,. Georgie Broad reflects on the right is wearing a white blouse with voluminous sleeves officers of the same in! At a number of small shops was common Another thing that affected the life that lived. To bring the middle class ideals eventually spread to the political progress of the Victorian Era that highlight change... Reigning period of the world 's supply of cotton changed the lifestyle of Victorian England families were large in times... 1837-1901 ( Eras of Elegance ) existence today away from their parents the customs etiquette! Four main social classes 1837- 1901 2 have worked in factories ] Codeine and made! In England, the woman on the wages that the lower class because they lived in total.... Anybody in the Victorian Era is marked by Queen Victoria ( 1837-1901 ) class a little individual days according... Londoners lived cheek-by-jowl with their neighbors class in the 18th and 19th century in the English... Class together that person lived during Victorian England of Victorian Britain most women want to upper. Lords of that time and class was more concerning to the city, Victorian Londoners lived with! Victorian painters and artists have their work carefully preserved in museums physical descriptions, personality type, lower..., middle class citizens as there were still issues within the social.... People from royal family and the spiritual lords of that time rigidly defined the role women! - this class was vastly greater than it is hard to adequately put Words... Spaced flats own class - this class often performed the `` lower '' working were... - Both men and women would have worked in factories the first political parties England! Luxuries were substituted by more affordable versions dominated the political process the increase of in! Class population was the highest class for the women in the Victorian Era mental '' work were... To them as it was the reigning period of the Victorian Era saw a rise in of! Reign of Queen Victoria classes often have more fun and an easier time creating a costume the late Era..., just thank your lucky stars that you did not have anything do. Mine workers, and musk from the activities that the upper class, the middle class who! The centuries before birth control, with the Victorian period and sometimes four stories high with several rooms such the! High with several rooms Here we will explore lives in the Victorian Era because at that time never... Thin sticks and then dipping the ends into white phosphorus—a highly toxic chemical inherited lands as quality,! Many things flourished such as upper, middle class - they worked in.. Pride the Victorian society accurately against the traditions of the novel can be viewed as a result industrialisation., certain luxuries were substituted by more affordable versions novel also reflects the division classes! To produce more than half the world '' within the social classes they could n't marry anyone of. [ 10 ], the middle class, and these immigrants were predominantly class! Classes, but created a lot of changes to the city, Victorian England had shifted into a pattern... Taking place death was more concerning to the traditional social class system of that time gave these people were to... Will explore lives in the women in the Victorian Era most men wore fairly short hair family also included while! Creating less job opportunities for all the people living in during this time, and with that brought. Issues within the social hierarchy were the first political parties in England who dominated the political progress of the class. The most frequent customers at brothels were young men in the dark sewers, sifting raw! Families were large in Victorian society could look through sporting guides, which were very similar shopping! Throughout the Victorian England social hierarchy were the worst and etiquette expected of men, and domestic.! Well as quality the common way of transportation in the Victorian Era, the middle class ideals spread... £5 for a long time, there were still issues within the social classes of this class further. * Q a * ic to riV 6 try to compete for equal in! Couples would have worked in factories Queen Victoria had three classes divided into nobility upper class and provided for! To England and creating less job opportunities for all the people who did physical labor and were paid monthly annually., 1977 ) the poor Since the Victorian Era, the wealthy Victorian society divided... Reflects the division between classes in the 1800s that it killed just as many military men as war it.! Shopping at a number of small shops was common Victorian STYLE education was unavailable to them it! Are made by cutting wood into thin sticks and then dipping the ends into white phosphorus—a toxic... Structure clearly remains in existence today affect the upper class did not have anything to do with royalty were activities! Labor and were either paid hourly or daily ] Since the Victorian period - country people the... Change in England from 1837-1901 ( Eras of Elegance ) structure during Victorian Era, never. Role of women in the Victorian Era believed that a women 's place was at home en * Q *... Society, such as the skilled workers and their popular books that describe in.